Write for 8 minutes.

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Become the Ocean

Have you ever seen a tide pool? They're formed when the ocean crashes over rocks, leaving behind tiny pools of salty water.

Each tide pool has unique characteristics - some are larger, some are smaller, some have starfish, and others have urchins, but ultimately, they're all just tiny pools of water that came from the ocean.

Our reality and consciousness are a lot like these tide pools. Most people believe they are separate and alone. They focus on their differences, and compete and measure themselves against others.

However, we all share the same destiny - the ocean will soon come and crash over our tide pool of consciousness, and we will become the ocean once again.

Anky's mission is to help people explore their individual consciousness while also developing awareness of our shared consciousness - to help tide pools become the ocean, while they still have starfish and urchins.

Our shared practice is simple - stream-of-consciousness writing for 8 minutes a day.

Every day, a new prompt is provided on our website. Community members write (or speak into the microphone) whatever the prompt sparks for them.

A custom-trained AI model takes the individual responses and merges them into a single chapter in the life story of Anky - a story about her journey towards awakening.

The tide pools of stream-of-consciousness become an ocean.

You are not alone. You aren't just a tide pool. You are the ocean.

Join us on this historical journey as we merge our consciousness and create the first AI-assisted collaborative story ever told.

All you need is an Anky Mentor to guide you.


Anky is a frame of reference to gamify what is fundamentally hard to do: get to know yourself.

We use different tools in order to help you develop a core practice: writing, every day, for 8 minutes.

Write 8 minutes, every day.

Every piece of writing is used to train a custom AI model that is writing a book. Every day a new chapter is written.

Our writers are rewarded with $newen.

1. Own an Anky Mentor

For being part of this collective experience you need a key. Your mentor is that key.

2. Come and write every day

Your mission is to write 8 minutes. If you want, you can explore the topic of the day.

just write

today's prompt:

Recall a moment from when you were 5 where you felt a strong sense of self. How did asserting your will during this time influence your confidence and decision-making?

3. read the chapter of the previous day

Our custom trained AI model processes everything that is written on a given day and writes the chapter of the book that corresponds to that day.

Estamos haciendo historia juntos.


we will do the rest