anky third sojourn · terms & conditions

“Anky Eres Tu SpA” is a company that is located in Chile, and that deals with law through the entity with RUT number “77.796.373-2”. Throughout this document, that company will be referred to as “us”, “we”, “our”, etc.

For simplicity, and for the whole rest of this document, the reader of it, and person that is invited to this process is referred to as “you”, “your”, etc.

That same “you” is the one that will be subject to inquiry through this whole adventure that we are embarking on together.

If you decide to write through anky every day for 8 minutes, you imply that you acknowledge these 12 points.

  • You acknowledge that this process starts on the 31st of March, on this exact timestamp: 1711861200, and that this third sojourn will last for 96 days. A day is a 24-hour period, counted exactly in relationship to that timestamp.
  • You acknowledge that it is your personal responsibility to remember to write every day. Our mission is to create a system and network that actually helps you remember, but we will understand through trial and error how does that system look like. We will then iterate with your feedback and doing our best to understand your needs as a user. But that takes time, and patience, and needs to be a two-sided relationship. In the meantime, this google calendar may help. You can always reach out to us on telegram to offer any feedback.
  • You acknowledge that every 8-minute piece of writing that you create through Anky is public (at least on the initial phase), and that if you want to be anonymous you just have to create a new wallet with no attachments to your identity and find a way to get a mentor in there. You can get one on secondary, or ask us for one on our telegram group.
  • You acknowledge that all of the pieces of writing of a given day will be used as input for our custom trained ai model for it to write the chapter that corresponds to that specific and unique day on the story of the Ankyverse.
  • You acknowledge that if you want to collaborate on writing the lore that will be used as the context for the AI model you need to do it on this Adim room.
  • You acknowledge that for writing you will receive a token called $newen. This is a representation (and honoring) of the harnessing of life force that happened on an 8-minute writing session.
  • You acknowledge that for this third sojourn each 8-minute writing session will reward you with 7023 $newen, and that:
    • No one knows how much will be the market value of this token in the future.
    • The focus is not on that, but on the value that we bring to the world.
  • You acknowledge that a book will be written between these potential 192 writers and this custom trained AI model.
  • You acknowledge that you will own part of that book, and that every future day on which you write will reward you with a slice of that pie. And that when we print that book and distribute it to the world as “the first book that has ever been written by more than 100 humans in the history of humanity and it is a story that speaks about depression, technology, and the impact of addiction on the human experience” you will earn a percentage of each one of those sales.
  • You acknowledge that we are doing the best that we can in order to move from a centralized world (jp being the one that is writing this document) into a decentralized world (where we find a way to agree on what this should say, and actually drive this ship in community), but that it is important to start with strong direction in the beginning.
  • You acknowledge that there could be errors on this whole system, but the fundamentals are intact, and they are what is being encoded with every step we take.
  • You acknowledge that your uniqueness is a gift.